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Donate generously to help revive the Arts + Crafts Traditions of India. Help our artisans get back their livelihoods and their pride! 

Heart for Art Public Charitable Trust, in its endeavour to revive the Art + Craft traditions of India – runs a Artisans’ Skills Development Program. Artisans are exposed to the latest inputs to face the world while they maintain their art + craft traditions and ethos. 

DONATE Rs. 100, 500 or 1000/- to help us make this happen.  A receipt for the donation will be sent to your address. Quarterly reports on the usage of the funds collected will be shared with all Donors.


COVID-19 has hit LIVES and LIVELIHOODS! All sectors of the Indian economy have been hit leading to an overall crisis situation in the country.

Our artisans’ livelihoods have been affected due to loss of production, wage losses, cancellation of orders, lack of raw materials, uncertainty etc !

Support Heart for Art Trust in our artisans’ livelihood recovery fundraiser @

A total of ₹ 5 Lacs will be raised to help 50 artisans! i.e. ₹10,000/- one time, for each of the 50 needy artisans to help them partly tide over the losses and effects of Covid-19 and have a way to feed their families for a period of 2 months, while they pick up the pieces and set their livelihoods in order.

Your generous contribution qualifies for tax benefit u/s 80G of Income Tax Act.