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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission

Heart for Art is a Public Charitable Trust that promotes the traditional Arts + Crafts of India. We work towards bringing you products from the best artisans of India, who passionately create them!


Provide rural artisans of India multi-channel, contemporary marketing platforms to take their products to Indian and Global markets – INCREASE ARTISANAL INCOMES to bring them into the middle class


EDUCATE CONSUMERS on the Indian Art & Craft Story and get them to buy Indian Handicrafts by choice!

SKILL DEVELOPMENT – conduct educational, training and other activities on product creation & promotion of art and craft traditions

VALUE ADD – DESIGN – create new products, methodologies, modern designs, processes and marketing channels to improve efficiency, scale and marketing of arts and crafts businesses.

MAKE IN INDIA WITH RURAL YOUTH – establish a model to train the next generation(s) and other students in art and craft to help keep the traditional arts and crafts alive and expand the existing base