India has more than 3000 Arts & Crafts, employing millions of rural artisans in full or part time employment. However they suffer from lack of access to modern markets and stable, continuous work opportunities and incomes.

Heart for Art Public Charitable Trust is a not-for-profit focused on enhancing livelihoods of rural artisans. We provide market linkages to Indian artisans through several methods that include Online Stores, Exhibitions & Sales, Commissioned Projects, Corporate Gifting Programs, Workshops, etc.

We help Corporate CSR programs participate in this endeavour through long-term Structured Corporate Patron Programs. We seek your participation to help the program grow and increase the impact and the livelihoods of rural artisans. 

Support a Rural Craft Revival

Corporate CSR programs can participate in our program for a structured and long-term engagement – by adopting a Art & Craft group for a minimum period of 3 years.

Your company will:

  • Get to participate in a structured CSR program with measurable outputs and social impact
  • Your employees get involved in capacity building and support to India’s Rural Artisans
  • Opportunity to engage employees and their families in the cause.

What Would You Support 

We will run a 6 point program of helping your company engage and support the Rural Artisans of a particular Craft Cluster. The support will be used to run the following programs associated with the Rural Art & Craft:


Marketing Support

Support the Marketing Efforts of the Craft by supporting the Venue & Exhibition Participation Fees and Social Media Marketing Costs of promoting the Craft


Support 2 Artisan Families

Support their purchase of tools, their children’s annual education costs, etc.


Corporate Gifting

Of products from the Craft – to employees, partners, customers for Diwali, New Year, Project Milestones, etc.


Corporate Event 

Facilitate and help market Exhibition & Sale of the Arts & Crafts through a mela at your corporate premises


Commissioned Projects

Support the development and purchase of a Commissioned Work of the craft for your offices or other public places


Support a Workshop

To give consumers exposure to the craft and artisans exposure to markets and consumers. Support their travel, accommodation, boarding etc. during the workshop

In addition to the above material and financial support to a particular Art & Craft your employees can engage as volunteers and mentors in the various activities related to the Craft. 

Annual Budget

The 6 point program will be run with a focused spend as below, with a minimal amount going towards administrative expenses. This is a sample annual budget to support a craft.

ItemCost in ₹ Lacs
Marketing Efforts0.25
Artisan Families support0.25
Corporate Gifting1.0
Corporate Event0.15
Commissioned Project1.0
Workshops Support0.20
Total₹ 2.85 L


Your Company’s contribution as Corporate Citizens will have the following impact on the lives of Rural Artisans:


Help the Art & Craft survive – preserve our traditions

Empower Rural Artisans to get back their Earnings and Pride

Give our Rural Artisans Exposure, Experience and Earnings through urban markets

Help the rural youth take up the Craft as a reliable source of incomes and careers


Artisan Families impacted

Increase the earnings of 4-8 artisans by 50-100% in a year 

Progress & Spend Reporting

Heart for Art Public Charitable Trust is registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act 1950 and is duly audited and  maintains its accounts meticulously. The program will be supported by quarterly progress and financial reports.

We look forward to your support. Call us at 9850510779 or write to us at [email protected] for further information.